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React to a categorized printed to your :

React to a categorized printed to your :

SWAMP-Enjoying JEW (30s, genderqueer, NYC) who loves earth pigments, hygge vibes, and you can groovy music tries an adventure companion to your braiding locks and you can challah, old book smelling, queer parsha interpretations, and you may just who understands that comfortable pillows are going to be vacation spots. Have to like stargazing. Respond here.

SNARKY QUEER Uk JEWESS (24/F/HTX). Second-season rules student, not used to the space – finding particular friends to love my new lease of life in the an excellent the latest nation that have. Female-identifying group common, extra situations if you would like baked services and products (We create a hateful challah). Reply right here.

Son Of MONICA GELLER And you can CHANDLER BING’S Personalities (18F, seeking Jewish family members or a good NJB however during the Ny!).

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